A collaborative project with the Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts (LFCSA) students

We Can was a 3-month social practice project with 5-12 year old students at Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts (LFCSA). This project emphasized the importance of shared art making and active contribution.

Taking inspiration from my artistic process, we created several communal weavings and a life size abstract sculpture made out of recycled and non-traditional materials such as fabrics, shredded paintings, wire, yarn, and other discarded items. The parents of the students at LFCSA donated these materials. The project took form in several stages, implementing various artistic and experimental methods. We Can was an exercise to investigate the role of materiality in art that attempts to expand the notions of time, space, process, and participation.

Studies have shown that when people are given the platform to collaborate with one another in communities, they can be a powerful force for change.  Creating positive interpersonal interactions is the first step into building relationships necessary to thrive.