My work parallels my background as an Asian American female. I examine culture through personal experiences, combining neo-surrealism with my narrative as an immigrant. Growing up in Los Angeles, a city that is ethnically diverse and a community with disparate backgrounds and diaspora, I explore identity that profoundly shapes and molds our sense of individuality. My media and compositions are diverse, mixing cultures and appearances that are pleasantly chaotic and strangely familiar.

As a multidisciplinary artist, my work involves several disciplines to approach contemporary, socio-political concerns in a non-dominant artistic style. My intent is to draw viewers into a space where both they and myself as the artist are implicated and reflected. I mix disparate, disjointed, and fractured elements: shadow vs. light, two-dimensional vs. three-dimensional space, geometric vs. organic, hard vs. soft, and abstraction vs. realism. These elements create visual tension, evoking a sense of the uncanny.

Some of my influences come from a stew of sources: Freud, Jungian archetypes, magic realism, surrealism, Paula Rego, Kiki Smith, Marisol Escobar. My fascination with Paula Rego began upon discovering her extraordinary narratives, ambiguity and menacing imagery. I'm motivated by Kiki Smith's context on the issues surrounding women and inspired by Escobar's inventiveness with mixed media. These artists employ disjuncture but each has an individual stylistic approaches that I admire.