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Making Lightly | a communal residency

Making Lightly | a communal residency

First iteration: Residency from October 8 through October 20

Atche Art Space

As artists and participants in our consumer culture, we often become very attached to things that we own and make. Our creations and possessions are considered extensions of our identities and symbols of status and achievements.  This residency challenges this cultural default, and emphasizes the importance of a collective experience of creation over  individual achievement. In rejecting the preciousness of art objects in favor of a non-attached and non-individual mutual communal creation, we re-examine the paradigm of art as commodity.

This communal residency created by Los Angeles artists: Arezoo Bharthania, Diane Williams, Nicole Stirbis and Sophia Allison, will take place over a period of two weeks at Atche, a 120 square foot artist space in a residential area. We invited artists to come and work together in various iterations over that time period.  It is an exploration that values the joint experience of creation above the end result of an art object belonging to one artist. Materials and art work provided at the space are all fair game for each artist to add to, deconstruct, or re-create. Artists may create wall hanging art, installations or freestanding sculptures in and around the space and the surrounding outdoor areas with the understanding that anything can happen to ‘their’ pieces. There is a small contemplation space with a typewriter and paper for artists to write temporary art statements, manifesto, a joke.  Statements may also be  sympathy letters to themselves about the loss they may feel of the work they contributed to. The focus is the experience of time spent in space as a non-material creation in and of itself, and the interaction between artists verbally, temporally, artistically and materially.