Beautiful Creatures at Cerritos College Gallery

“Beautiful Creatures”

A solo show exhibition as part of the Window Dressing Series at Cerritos College Gallery

11110 Alondra Blvd. Norwalk, California 90650

On view through February 16, 2018

Williams’ installation, “Beautiful Creatures”, mimics the stereotypical presentation of commercial storefront displays, but with a surreal twist. The featured objects on display are pulled from her “Monsters & Aliens” series, which involved the creation of abstract masks, monstrous (self) portraits, made out of shredded paintings and other discarded materials. The masks are placed on a mannequin and stands, combined with shredded acrylic paintings scattered on the floor and cut-up gel rolls hanging from the ceiling. These materials are semi-translucent, diffusing light in a pleasant aesthetic amalgamation, and obscuring the masked female object, subverting the way we are conditioned to see the unfamiliar as only-ever the frightening ‘Other’ - the outsider, the monster, the alien – replaced instead by fascinating, beautiful creatures.