Closing Reception of "My America"

Artist residency and exhibition at Shoebox Projects

660 South Avenue 21 #3 Los Angeles, CA 90031

Residency from June 5 – July 9, 2017

Diane Williams is a multidisciplinary artist whose work stems from the political and social landscape that surrounds her—specifically the ethnically diverse neighborhoods of Los Angeles. She uses art as a call to arms, creating works that explore issues about immigrants and gender to encouraging cultural and social understanding.

During her residency at Shoebox Projects, Williams created a site-specific installation that further explores ideas of marginalization. In addition, she embarked on a new series of works that track the surges in hate crimes since the inauguration of President Trump. Williams seeks to find a common ground between the works she makes and the community at large. For example in the participatory piece, This in my America, she asks viewers to write the first name of an immigrant they know and their relationship to that person on a piece of paper and then post it on a wall. Collectively illustrating the idea of an extended community.


Diane Williams