This is what America looks like in Los Angeles

Diane Williams | Beautiful Creatures

Opening reception

Saturday, February 11, 2017

7-10 pm During Nela Art Night

The show runs through March 9th


Social Study

5028 York Boulevard

Highland Park CA 90042

Los Angeles, Ca. - Diane Williams is showing her new installation, "Beautiful Creatures" during the popular North East Los Angeles (NELA) art night on York Blvd in Highland Park. Beginning February 11th, the installation will be featured as a storefront display at Social Study.

The installation is part of Williams’ new series called "Monsters and Aliens" about her immigrant background. The work emphasizes how the marginalized are often seen as the monsters and aliens, the other and the outsiders. Their contributions and positive impact in this country are obscured and have become scapegoats, exploited into the frustrations of others. "Beautiful Creatures" reflects the immigrant communities of NELA and strives to continue a much needed dialogue in today's contentious political culture.

The artist’s work parallels her background as an Asian American female as she examines culture through her personal experiences, combining neo-surrealism with a narrative as the other. Growing up in Los Angeles, a city that is ethnically diverse and a community with disparate backgrounds and diaspora, Williams explores identity that profoundly shapes and molds our sense of individuality. Using a variety of media, Diane’s compositions are diverse, mixing cultures and appearances that are pleasantly chaotic and strangely familiar.

About Diane Williams

Diane Williams is a multi disciplinary artist and an emerging curator living and working in Los Angeles, Ca. Her work has been featured in select publications and exhibited in a solo show and several group shows in Los Angeles, with works in both private and public collections including the National Immigration Law Center. Williams earned her BFA degree from California State University, Long Beach.